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Everything you need to know about Arta region Greece

Arta Preferecture

What would be your answer in the question “What do you know about Arta Prefecture?” The legendary Bridge of Arta is most likely the answer of the majority of the people who never visited this part of Greece. A landmark which gained its fame through the detailed stories that followed its painful construction and the folk song which colorized these details.

Out of the people who were asked the above question, nobody knew that Arta is a heaven on earth, though from now on we should call it a ‘secret’ heaven on earth.

The city is intersected by two beautiful rivers; Arahthos and Louros river, with their delta connecting on Amvrakikos Bay, the natural south border of the prefecture, forming a spectacular unique scenery; wetlands and lagoons (Logarous, Tsakalous) offering shelter to flamingo birds and swans.

The northern natural border of the prefecture is the aspen of Tzoumerka, which hosts many beautiful traditional villages, waterfalls and wild forests. The hikers will be definitely overwhelmed by the beauty of the scenery.

Besides the beautiful aspen, the crystal clear rivers and the shallow beaches, Arta’s prefecture is adorned by orange groves in the Valley of Arahthos river, west of the river just after the legendary bridge.

Arta is one of the four prefectures in Epirus and probably the most ‘hidden’ of all. We welcome you to join us and discover together the beauties of the area...