Arta Sightseeing

Bridge of Arta

The Bridge of Arta

Up until now, whenever someone crosses this Bridge, becomes silent and shy as a tribute to the wife of the Chief Engineer. The legend has it, that her sacrifice made the construction of the Bridge possible...more

The Castle of Arta

The Castle of Arta is one of the most beautiful constructions of its kind. Typical of the Byzantine Architecture, it was built in the 13 th century under the initiative of the ruling family of Epirus, Komninos...more

The Church of Panagia Parigoritisa

Panagia Parigoritissa is the most important and legendary church from the Byzantine era in the prefecture of Arta. It was built on 13 th Century by Nikiforos I Aggelos Komnino-Douka...more

The Church of Aghia Theodora

Walking down Vasileos Pirrou Street, one of the main streets in Arta, our aim was to find the temple of Aghia Theodora. Nearly 900 years old and initially a women’s Monastery devoted to..more

The Wall of Ancient Amvrakia

The Wall of Ancient Amvrakia is definitely one of the most impressive sights in Arta. According to all the indications, the construction of the Wall begun around 6 th century B.C and was concluded on 4 th century B.C...more

The Plane Tree of Arta

On the left riverside of Arathos river, nearby the first underground room of the legendary Bridge stands a Plane tree with a whole lot of character...more

The Pythian Temple of Apollo Savior

According to all the indications, the Pythian Temple of Apollo Savior, standing at the centre of the city, was the most important worshiping temple of the ancient Arta (Amvrakia). Today...more

The Small Ancient Theatre of Amvrakia

One of the latest discoveries in the archaeological site of Ancient Amvrakia is the Small Theatre. Being the smallest in dimensions among the ancient Greek Theatres, it was found at the city centre by accident...more

The Byzantine Church of Aghios Vasilios

The Byzantine Church of Aghios Vasilios is almost 800 years old and according to the researchers it was built during the second half of 13 th century. The exact year of its inauguration has not yet... more