The Plane Tree of Arta

Ali Pasha’s Plane Tree

On the left riverside of Arathos river, nearby the first underground room of the legendary Bridgestands a Plane tree with a whole lot of character. Tall, graceful and imposing the old tree is still there, known as The Plane Tree of Arta or Ali Pasha’s Plane Tree.

The Plane Tree of Arta

Centuries old, the tree provided shadow for Ali Pasha of Ioannina according to the legends. History has it that Ali Pasha used to hang Greek revolutionaries from this very tree.

It has been declared as a natural landmark deserving special protection ever since 1976. Thick and dense leaves measuring an area of 200 square meters provide the visitors with a thick shadow while enjoying the sight of the Bridge and the sound of the nearby river.

Many of its huge branches are artificially supported. It is widely respected by locals, who have placed a protection fence around its huge trunk -8 to 10 adults are needed to circle the trunk- to prevent children from entering and climbing it.

The story of The Plane Tree of Arta, one of the oldest and most beautiful in Greece, is also a folk revolutionary song which is very popular during the festivals in the villages of the region.