The Church of Panagia Parigoritisa

Panagia Parigoritisa is the most important and legendary church from the Byzantine era in the prefecture of Arta. It was built on 13 th Century by Nikiforos I Aggelos Komnino-Douka, during the Golden Era of Epirus. The temple was dedicated to Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus and during the 16 th century it was modified to a Catholic Monastery for women. Sixteen rooms and the restaurant hall of the monastery are still saved until today showcasing a very important archaeological collection of the prefecture of Arta.

The Church of Panagia Parigoritisa

Since the decay of the monastery, Panagia Parigoritissa was member of the monastery of Kato Panagia and for a long time the Head Church of the city. Nowadays, it has been modified into a Byzantine Museum.

The architecture of the temple is octagonal and cross-like. From the outside, it seems as a cubical building, lightly decorated. Internally, the temple is very elegant, decorated with carved members. On the main roof, perfectly engineered, we can see the mosaic of Pantokratoras. Beautiful paintings decorate the walls of the temple, mostly made by Ananias in the 16 th century, while the rest of them where made a century later.

The Legend of Parigoritisa