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Everything you need to know about Arta region Greece

Built on the North West side of the hill Peranthi, Arta is facing the fertile valley offering a spectacular view to the visitors. The city of Arta is built on the ruins of ancient Amvrakia dated back in 7th century B.C. Its history spans eons of diverse influences and foreign occupations. Amvrakia was the capital city of the Molossians and King Pyrrhus during the Hellenistic period, while, after the First Crusade in 1204 at Constantinople, became the capital city of Epirus by the family of Komninoi Doukes. Arta was the first city in Epirus to become independent in 1881.

The modern city of Arta is offering many pleasures to the senses. Well structured and functional, the centre of the city is a lively place with pedestrian streets filled with stores. Skoufa Square is a typical buzzing place where the youth of Arta can find a place to wonder and enjoy some quality time. Arta has a rich history since ancient times, but it flourished during Byzantine times.

The city features numerous Byzantine monuments, but the place to be is the legendary Bridge of Arta. Built at the entrance of the city the Bridge is a visual delight as it spans with its beautiful arches the width of Arathos river. The centuries old Plane Tree of Ali Pasha offers a thick shadow to the visitors who can enjoy this visual delight of architecture as well as the beauty of the nature; the green-blue water of Arahthos river and the wild forestlands surrounding Arta.